Change to the Local Government Pension Scheme

The Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2018 came into force on 1 June 2018.

The regulations

  • Allow active members aged 55 and over to retire and take immediate payment of their benefits without needing employer permission

However, benefits are reduced if a member takes payment

  • Before age 60
  • From age 60 but before Normal Pension Age (linked to State Pension Age) or without full rule of 85 protection

Benefits are reduced to take into account they are being paid for longer.

If you are thinking of retiring early, please in the first instance calculate pension estimates on-line by using the Fife Pension Fund website. If you have not already registered, you can do so by typing  in your browser and follow the instructions given.  If you have any problems registering please phone 01592 583200 and select option 6.


The estimates will take into account reductions that would apply at your proposed retirement date.  The earlier you retire, the greater the reductions.


If after accessing your pension estimate online you still wish to retire early, you should use First Contact to make your formal request, if you do not have access to First Contact, your manager will do this for you on your behalf.


•        Log into First Contact

•        Enter Retirement in the Search Box

•        Select LGPS – Retirement Age 55 and Over – No employer consent required offering


Alternatively you can use the menus on the left, select Services>People and Pay>Retirement.